“Without the emotion of the beautiful, the sublime, the mysterious, there is no art, no religion, no literature.”

—John Burroughs




Pursuit of Meaning, from intangible to scientific.

  • Spiritual Writing
  • Sermons
  • Biblical
  • Wellness
  • New Age
  • Scientific Writing
  • Classics: Blake, Milton, John Donne, etc.
  • Myths and Totems
  • Philosophical Underpinnings
Women’s Deja Vu

Women’s Deja Vu

Editor's Note: This piece is excepted from a speech Ellen Sweets made for Women's Day in Austin, Texas. Her words are more timely now than when she...

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RIP, Senator Dole

RIP, Senator Dole

Years ago, just for spite, the night city editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch sent me to cover Sen. Robert Dole’s keynote opening of the Young...

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