Ten things I should have figured out before now

Ten things I should have figured out before now

1. There are no monuments to poetry editors.

2. Even if you’re not sure about the whole idea of God, it’s still a pretty good idea to pray every now and then.

3. Your children will have to make their own mistakes. They’re not going to learn from yours.

4. Love is complicated. Courtesy is simple. Start with courtesy.

5. A kind remark moves a relationship forward one step. A mean remark moves a relationship back ten steps.

Enjoy life
Enjoy life

6. Resentments are poisonous.

7. Clean up your side of the street. The other side of the street is somebody else’s responsibility.

8. Giving advice about something that is none of your business is rarely appreciated.

9. Eat a salad every day.

10. Only ten percent of what you write is worth reading. The trick is knowing which ten percent it is.

Michael Simms is the editor and founder of Vox Populi.